October, 2010

October 2, 3, 8 & 9 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM – Frog Rock Trail Maintenance Service Project

  • Primary Activity: Troop 676 will participate in a Trail Maintenance Service Project near Frog Rock. On each of these dates, Scouts will leave from the church area at 8:30 am and return at 4:30 pm. If you are trying to finish your 50 miler patch you MUST give at least 10 hours of service during this time to complete your award. If you need community service hours for rank advancement this event will provide you that opportunity and a whole lot more!
  • How to Register: If you wish to participate on any of the days, you must register with Mr. Hall via cell phone (570-2270) or email (mike1@montaadsl.net) no later than September 28th so the rosters for each day and the required tools can be planned.
  • What to bring: Small backpack to hold your gear, Class B uniform (long pants, belt and tee shirt), Outer warm layers depending on weather, Rain jacket & pants or poncho, Trail running shoes or hiking boots, Hat, LEATHER gloves that fit (buy a new pair if you don’t have any or any that fit you well), Water to drink – at least 2 liters (there is NO water up there), Sack Lunch and Snacks.
  • Specialty Gear Needed: (If anyone has any of the following please bring to the church) Four-wheel kids wagons to haul gear in (should be sturdy), Small gas powered chain saw with gas/oil/chain sharpener/chaps/hearing protector/safety goggles, Very Large heavy sledge hammer, and Hand cutters for trimming roots or bushes – nippers or large pruning shears.
  • Families are welcome to come and join in and see a beautiful trail that leads 2 1/2 miles through the Gallatin National Forest just east of Bozeman.

October 4, 6:10 PM to 6:25 PM (Fellowship Hall @ UMC) – PATROL LEADERS COUNCIL MEETING (REQUIRED: Tyler, Chase, and Quinn, other PLC members are welcome)

  • We’ll have a very short meeting to discuss how the Patrol Leaders will lead their patrols during annual planning breakout sessions at tonight’s meeting.

October 4, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Troop Room) – TROOP MEETING & ADULT COMMITTEE MEETING

  • Primary Activity: Annual Planning Brainstorming for 2011. Here’s your chance for all Troop 676 Scouts to have a voice in annual planning. This is a brainstorming, not a planning, meeting. The Patrol Leaders Council will collect everyone’s ideas, so that they can use them during their annual planning meeting later this month.
  • Note the meeting time change, which will become our new meeting time starting immediately, for all Troop Meetings. Also note that the monthly adult committee meeting will occur during the Troop Meeting (from about 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM).
  • This meeting will be run entirely by the Senior Patrol Leader.
  • Adult Committee Meeting Agenda Tonight: Annual Planning. Mr. Jordan will present a framework for what a typical “Annual Plan” looks like for a Boy Scout troop, what that framework will look like for Troop 676 in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and solicit feedback from parents. The goal of this meeting is to present the framework of an overall program and discuss expectations that the Troop has of its parents, and what the parents have of the Troop. This may be the most important committee meeting of the year for parents to attend. Please don’t miss it.
  • Bring your popcorn sales sheets with you (and don’t forget to take them back home), as we’ll be giving away weekly prizes to the highest sellers who bring their sheets!

October 11, 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM (Troop Room) – Emergency Preparedness Drill

  • Primary Activity: Eric Vann will be coordinating an Emergency Preparedness Drill as one of his final requirements to becoming an Eagle Scout! Eric’s Board of Review is October 19, so please show your support and come join us for what will be a very fun and informative troop event! The Drill will be based on the need for a community messenger system that is employed when other forms of communications are disrupted during a disaster. We’ll have our Troop & Patrol Meeting immediately following the drill.

October 11, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (Troop Room) – PATROL MEETINGS

  • Primary Activity: Patrol Meetings. Starting in October, each patrol will conduct their own Patrol Meetings, and starting in November, each patrol will conduct one Patrol Activity per month. During this meeting, this process will be discussed, and patrols will have a chance to break out into their first patrol meetings, where they will plan their November Patrol Meeting and Patrol Outing.
  • Patrol Meetings will be run entirely by the Patrol Leaders.
  • Tonight’s Patrol Meeting Agenda: Create outing roster for Annual Planning Conference, Collect dues for the Annual Planning Conference, Plan November Patrol Outings, Complete SPL and PL Nominations for Upcoming Troop Elections

October 14, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM – Popcorn Sheets and Money Due

  • Please turn into our Popcorn Kernal, Mr. Troy Redmon between the above times (please see email for address). Don’t forget to 1) Make a copy of your sheet 2) Bring the original sheet for turn-in and 3) Bring all money for orders due.

October 15-17 (Lion’s Ridge Retreat Center – Gallatin Mountains) – ANNUAL PLANNING CONFERENCE

  • Primary Activity: Annual Planning by the Patrol Leaders Council (Friday Evening and Saturday Morning), Troop Games & Service Project (Saturday Afternoon, Evening and Sunday Morning.)
  • The Patrols Leaders Council will meet at the Church at 4:30 PM on Friday, October 15, and we’ll carpool up to Lion’s Ridge. The PLC will complete the Annual Planning process on Friday evening and Saturday morning.
  • The Patrol Leaders Council members that will attend the Fri-Sat portion of the retreat include: Senior Patrol Leader (Tyler), Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders (Andrew and Alex), Patrol Leaders (Will, Chase, and Quinn), Troop Guide (Corey), and Troop Scribe (Michael). The adult members that will attend the Fri-Sat portion of the retreat will include the Scoutmaster (Ryan), Committee Chair (Chris), Outings Chair (Dan), and Meetings Chair (Aaron). The rest of the troop scouts and adults are invited to join us on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The Rest of the Troop will meet at the Church at Noon on Saturday, October 16, and we’ll carpool up to Lion’s Ridge.
  • The entire troop will return to Bozeman no later than 11:00 AM Sunday.
  • Cost for the planning group (Fri-Sun) will be $18 and include food and lodging. Cost for the rest of the troop will be $9 and include food and lodging.
  • What to Bring: Class A Scout Uniform, Class B Scout Uniform (e.g., Troop or Camp T-Shirt), Warm Jacket for Outside Activities in Cold, Rain Jacket for Outside Activities in the Rain, Work Gloves (For Service Project), Inside Shoes (slippers, mocs, crocs, etc. that will be worn indoors — no outside shoes may be worn inside), Scout Handbook, Notepad and Pen, Pocketknife, Flashlight, Toiletries, Sleeping Bag, Earplugs.

October 25 5:50 PM to 9 PM – Troop 676 Centennial Year Fall Court of HonorFamily Promise Room in basement of United Methodist Church. 2010 Fall Court of Honor will be a special one indeed as we celebrate the last COH in the centennial year! It will include two special events in addition to our rank advancement, merit badges and specialty awards. First, our current Scoutmaster will receive his Woodbadge beads for completing the weeklong adult leader Woodbadge course. Following the Woodbadge beading ceremony, the Troop will have a formal Scoutmaster change of command ceremony where Mr. Hall steps down as our current Scoutmaster and Mr. Jordan takes over. We also have several “specialty” awards for the centennial year in Celebration of all the Troop 676 has accomplished throughout the centennial year of Boy Scouts. All Scouts, Family Members and Friends of Troop 676 are invited! Please RSVP with the number of people who will be attending so we can get a proper food count together by emailing your total count to Mike Hall at mike1@montanadsl.net. Mr Hall is working with our Committee Chair and the Patrol Leaders Council to organize this special event.  See schedule below:

  • 5:50 PM – Families bringing food show up with food items
  • 6:00 PM – Potluck dinner – Family food assignments by name will be communicated one week prior to Court of Honor and will include quantity to bring.
  • 6:45 PM – Court of Honor & Specialty Awards
  • 8:20 PM – Woodbadge Beading Ceremony
  • 8:30 PM – Scoutmaster Transition Ceremony
  • 8:40 PM – New Scoutmaster Speech
  • 8:50 PM Scoutmaster Minute
  • 8:55 PM Cleanup
  • 9:00 PM Depart

September, 2010

  • September 11 Sat 4p to 7:30p – 100 year celebration with MVD at Story Mansion – Class A uniform – All scouts and Adult leaders please attend.
  • September 13 Mon – 6:30p to 7pONLY those scouts and adults who helped with the fairgrounds fundraiser should attend. Each scout must bring at least one parent. Any scout who does not attend this important meeting will forfeit 100% of their money earned to the Troop fund. (If you worked the fairgrounds then you need to come to this meeting to get your money earned!)
  • September 13 Mon – 7p to 8:30p – Troop meeting – Camporee planning – all scouts who have NOT paid please bring your $25. Also, all scouts should have been on the MVD website by now and printed the merit badge workbooks and have done some pre-requisite work by now! If not there is still enough time to do so. All scouts attending the camporee need to bring your merit badge work books to monday nights meeting.
  • September 14 Tue – 6p to 8:30p – Mr. Hall’s house – trailer maintenance – If you are going to the Fall Camporee you need to attend this session. Anyone else who has used the Troops equipment this summer should plan to come and help as well.
  • September 17-19 – Fall Camporee – North of Livingston. We will leave the church Friday 9/17 at 4:45pm.
  • September 20 Mon- 6:30p – Adult Committee Meeting – Troop Room. No Troop scout meeting. Subject: 2010 Fundraising (popcorn, Christmas trees) and routine troop business.
  • September 23 Thrs – 7p – Popcorn Kickoff Party! – Troop Room. This party will include the required safety training for the whole troop! Please come prepared with the following: 1) Wear your Class A uniform 2) Bring your appetite to eat pizza & 3) Be ready to learn all the tips and tricks to help your troop have a successful popcorn fundraising year! We need you!
  • September 25 Sat – 12p – 5p (tentative) – Troop 676 Popcorn Blitz – More details to follow! Prizes will be awarded!
  • September 27 Mon – 7p to 8:30pMEETING CANCELED!
  • September 30 Thrs – 4p – Gallatin County Health Department – If you were at the 2010 MVD Fall Camporee, and started the Public Health merit badge, then you need to attend this meeting to complete several of the requirements. Please meet with the Gallatin County Public Health Nurse, Shanda Smith, at 215 W. Mendenhall, Room 117. Meeting will start promptly at 4 p.m., please be on time.