Troop Financial Policy


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Proposed by Ryan Jordan, Scoutmaster, Martin Lawrence, Committee Chair, and Deona Fink, Treasurer and adopted by majority vote of the Troop Committee on 4/16/12


This policy is based on the principles that: (1) financial policy and budget approval are discussed and approved by the committee as a whole, and (2) financial management remains in the hands of the small number of people responsible for executing the troop activities, for efficiency and simplicity.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a mechanism of check and balance is in place for distribution of the General Fund, expenditure of program expenses, approval of Scoutmaster programs and budgets, and to manage the day to day operations of the troop’s finances.


1. That the Scoutmaster shall be responsible for creating and submitting a program budget draft prior to the annual planning conference for committee review, and shall submit a program budget proposal within 30 days of the planning conference for committee review, discussion, feedback, modification by Scoutmaster, and final approval by committee. Expenses related to the operation of all program activities must be reviewed and approved by the troop committee in the absence of an approved operating program budget. The budget shall not be approved in the absence of an annual program plan reviewed and approved by the committee.

2. Once an annual operating program budget is approved, the Scoutmaster retains the sole authority in authorizing expenditures approved by this budget (the “Outings” portion of the budget) so long as those expenses are not “materially” different than those expenses originally proposed in the outings budget, and that if they are, that the approval requires majority consensus (2 out of 3) from the Finance Committee (Committee Chair, Treasurer, and Scoutmaster). These expense categories include only the following: travel expenses, food and other consumable supplies related to meetings and outings that have been authorized by the Committee on the approved annual program plan.

3. That the chair of each Fundraising opportunity retains the sole authority in authorizing expenditures related to that fundraiser once the fundraising expense budget has been approved by the committee.

4. That expenses paid out of the troop’s general fund (e.g., any expense not related to Scoutmaster program expenses, including equipment purchases and maintenance expense) for any purpose are pre-authorized by majority consensus (2 out of 3) of the Finance Committee so long as those expenses remain within “materially” significant limits for each budget category as proposed, and that if they are materially outside those boundaries, are presented to the committee at large for discussion and approval.

5. That all financial decisions that require committee discussion and approval shall be distributed to all troop parents / committee members via email no less than 7 days prior to the committee meeting at which a vote will be called, and that all parents/committee members shall have the right to submit that comments and/or vote by proxy, or by electronic submission to the Troop Committee Chair.